The silk gave me great relief. But is it normal for the symptoms to come back if I forget a couple of treatments?

Yes. It is normal.

Vaginal atrophy is not a disease like flu that can be cured. It is an aging outcome like wrinkles (the skin atrophy).

If you do not apply cream to your face for a few days, winkles may appear if you are over 40. After wrinkles appear, it is hard to reverse. Thus, women often put cream to the face early and often.

But if you are under 40, even if you forget to put cream on the face for a few days, it may not matter much. The reason is that the younger tissue has a stronger resistance against an aging effect. This is why younger people have less wrinkles.

Aging cannot be cured. Even Queen gets old. But aging-related discomforts can be managed.

If you use NeuEve routinely like putting cream on the face to stop wrinkles, it can help you overcome aging related vaginal discomforts like dryness and painful sex.

If you are forgetful, the best way to remind yourself is to mark your calendar for dates that you need to apply NeuEve. Your cell phone may have a calendar for scheduled tasks that can remind you. You can learn how to set it up. This link shows you how to set up a repeat reminder on iPhone.


If you still cannot overcome forgetfulness, you can use NeuEve Silk twice as frequently, like using it once every other day, for 1 month. This will help you reserve extra nutrients in the vaginal tissue. After 1 month with a double-dose application, your vaginal atrophy will be partially recovered.

In case you forget to apply the product once or twice, you may not feel discomfort symptoms coming back as your tissue has stored some extra nutrients.

However, this may only work for one or two times of neglect. If you neglect using the product for more than 3 times, your tissue may remind you again by showing some discomfort.

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