How Long Do I Keep Taking NeuEve?

With only 3 NeuEve suppositories my dryness is gone. Should I stop using NeuEve?

Vaginal dryness is not a disease that can be cured. It is an aging outcome, like wrinkles. Wrinkles show up when people reach mid-age, say in the 40s, but women often start using the cream at a much younger age. The reason is that early and regular use of cream can result in a later onset of wrinkles. If a woman stops using the anti-aging cream before mid-age, wrinkles may show up sooner. Wrinkles can be removed by botox, but it is costly and not without risk. Therefore using cream to manage wrinkles early is a better investment than having a botox later. Likewise, early and regular use of NeuEve can help women delay the onset of vaginal atrophy. It allows women to enjoy many more years of romantic intimacy and a healthful lifestyle.

Jan 19, 2021

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