I am 62. What is the best product for me to clear BV?

I'm reading BV clear is for pre-menopausal or early menopausal women. I am 62 and postmenopausal. I have used 3 rounds of antibiotics and have all failed to clear my BV. The odor comes back after I finished the antibiotics. Are there any products I can use to clear BV? I'm not sure I can use BV clear.

To clear BV at 62, the right formula to start is NeuEve silk. https://www.neueve.com/silk

To speed up the recovery, you can use NeuEve Silk twice as frequently as suggested on the box for the first pack. Instead of using it once every 4 days, you can use one suppository every other day. The reason is explained in this article:

How to clear BV or AV with NeuEve Gold, Silver, or Silk suppositories or cream?

The treatment strategy is to relieve your vaginal atrophy first. Once your atrophy is relieved or at least partially relieved, the normal vaginal lining cell exfoliation will resume. This will help restore your resistance against vaginal infections like BV.

After you use two packs of NeuEve Silk, you can move up a phase to NeuEve Silver. https://www.neueve.com/silver

You will need to use the Silver once every other day as well until your BV is completely cleared.

Once you are on the Silver phase, your BV-like symptoms will be cleared. After you are on Silver for 3 months, your BV may be completely cleared. If so, you can switch to the maintenance mode to use Silver once every 5 days to stop BV from coming back.

How to stop BV from coming back?

But if your BV is not cleared, you can move up another phase to NeuEve Gold for more effective clearance and health maintenance.

The Gold is more concentrated than the Silver, and it is more effective. But you cannot use the more concentrated product upfront because you have vaginal atrophy and may feel burning when you use it upfront. You must use the milder formulas Silk and Silver first to reverse the atrophy. After your atrophy is reversed, you can use the stronger Gold for more effective clearance of BV.

If your condition is BV you will most likely find relief when you start using Gold.

If your infection is not healed after using NeuEve Gold, your condition may not be BV and you may need to visit a gynecologist specializing in infectious diseases to have a checkup and get a lab test.

I hope that you will find relief soon.

Oct 3, 2022

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