I am 68. I need help for reaching climax.

About climax, you may find this article helpful:

I used NeuEve Silk for 5 months. My dryness has improved, but orgasm has not. What should I do?

Below are the suggested products and application schedule:

For the first month, 2 packs of NeuEve Silk (8 suppositories per pack) https://www.neueve.com/collections/menopause/products/silk.

Use 1 suppository every other day. Two packs of Silk will last for 32 days. Using Silk first helps you reverse the aging related vaginal atrophy and adapt to the next phase stronger formulas Silver. The is a double-dose of the normally suggested Silk application. To do a double dose in the first month helps you get a head start in the recovery.

From the second month: 1 pack of NeuEve Silver (6 suppositories). Use 1 suppository every 5 days. https://www.neueve.com/products/silver

Using Silver helps you achieve recovery more effectively.

If in the second month, you have regained climax, you can continue using 1 Silver suppository every 5 days for health maintenance. One pack is good for a month of supply.

If you do not see climax coming back for 3 months, you may move up a phase to NeuEve Gold, using 1 suppository per week. https://www.neueve.com/products/gold

Once you are on the Gold phase, many of your lost functions like libido and orgasm will gradually coming back.

If you like NeuEve Silver or Gold, you can subscribe to it for long-term self-care. Your atrophy and dryness and painful sex, if any, will be gone for good.

By the way, orgasm is a mysteries feature that no products can promise. Some customers request refund after using the product for 30 days by taking advantage of our satisfaction guarantee. As a result, these customers will lose the chance of a lifetime to ever find an ultimate relief. To help our customers to find an ultimate relief, we must tell our customers upfront that for recovering a physiological function like orgasm, you must commit to long-term use of the product to find relief. The 30-day period for the money-back guarantee is often not a long enough time to see an ultimate relief. Thus, the 30-day money back guarantee does not apply for such a case.

We hope that you will find relief soon.

Oct 3, 2022

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