Refrigeration vs. freezing

NeuEve is designed to melt at the body temperature. Shipping in the summer is a challenge.

This summer is hot. Some areas have reached triple digit temperatures. When customers in the hot areas receive NeuEve products, these products may be either completely melt or become too soft to be used right away. Some customers complained about soft suppositories even after refrigeration.
The issue may be insufficient cooling. It requires at least 3-4 hours in a refrigerator for the melt suppository to reset. Overnight refrigeration would be better. If you cannot wait that long, you can put the product in the freezer. This can help the product to reset much quicker. One hour may be enough. Freezing will not reduce the quality of the product.
But, drastic temperature change may cause the product to shrink or expand. This might break the seal of the suppository shell. If you use it right away, it may not matter. However, if you have time to wait for the product to reset in a refrigerator, it may be better for long-term storage of the product than putting it in a freezer.
Alternatively, you can keep the whole package in the refrigerator and freeze only one suppository that you will use right away. If the freezing breaks the seal, it may help make the peeling easier.

It is important to take it out from a refrigerator just before use. If you take the suppository out 30 minutes before use, it may become soft again when you use it. Putting it in a freezer may give you a few more minutes before it becomes soft. 

Jul 21, 2022

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