I used NeuEve Silk and cream for two weeks. Now, I have burning pain. Does the product cause allergy or irritation?

About your burning pain after two weeks of using the product, did you have sex or you have not had sex since you used NeuEve products?

The answer to this question may help you find a right solution.

If you had sex and then you felt burning pain, it could be injuries caused by tissue tearing wounds during sex. This will not be corrected by using a "milder" product or using the product in a reduced amount. The best method is to heal the wound first. You can wait for 1-2 weeks to let the wound to heal and then reapply NeuEve.

To avoid sex related injuries again, you must stop having sex for a while and do a dilation exercise along with the use of NeuEve products.

How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy

However, if you did not have sex after you used NeuEve and you felt burning, this may be caused by product irritation. You can use the cream in a lesser amount or a half suppository to fix the problem.

About the possibility of an allergy, it is not likely. If you were allergic to the product, symptoms like itching or burning, would have appeared when you first used the product. Since you were OK for two weeks, the symptoms that showed up later might be due to other causes, like injuries caused by sexual intimacy, riding a bike or horse, or wearing tight pants.

To date, NeuEve has helped over 100,000 women with severe vaginal atrophy to find relief. Few have complained about allergies. For the few who complained about suspected allergies, it turned out to be irritation. Using a reduced amount or choose a milder formula solved the problem. You can find relief too. The keys to success are persistence and commitment to long-term use of NeuEve.


P.S.: The customer who asked this question wrote back. She had sex after using NeuEve. She decided to use dilators as a combination with NeuEve to speed up the recovery.

Mar 22, 2022

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