Irritation after using NeuEve Cream. Is this an allergy?

The irritation is a normal reaction after using the NeuEve cream in excessive amounts. This is how the product is designed. If you read the instructions carefully, you will notice that overapplication can cause irritation. Maybe you have used a tiny amount as recommended, but if you are a sensitive type, you may need to further reduce the amount to use, say only a light touch of a fingertip.
        Let me explain using dry eyes as an example. To relieve dry eyes, one can use artificial tears. But the artificial tear can wear out quickly and the eyes become dry again. A better way is to revive the dried tear gland as it can continuously provide moisture. This can be achieved by cutting an onion. However, if you cut a big onion, you may get a lot of tears to relieve dry eyes, but you may suffer from irritation. The trick is to cut a small onion just enough to cause a little tear but not any irritation. After using the cream for a while, the tolerance to irritation will improve and you will not feel any discomfort.
        Here is the suggestion. Please stop using the cream for 2-3 days until it is no longer sensitized. Apply a tiny bit, say a slight touch of a fingertip (1/10 of a dime size) to the external vulva. This tiny amount may be sufficient to cause mucus glands deep inside to secrete mucus to ease dryness. If you still feel sensitive (itching), further reduce the amount. Since you are a sensitive type, a tiny amount of cream may work for you and one jar of the cream can last over 1 year.
        To date, NeuEve Cream is the best and most affordable product that can relieve vaginal dryness and atrophy without using hormones. The cost of estrogen cream is over $300 per month and it has a cancer risk. NeuEve cream costs much less and it is safer and more effective in relieving dryness and atrophy. Many breast cancer survivors who cannot use estrogen have been users of NeuEve cream and found effective relief.

Feb 27, 2021

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