I felt burning after using the NeuEve balm cream. What should I do?

Thank you for reaching out. We understand your frustration.

The burning may be caused by high sensitivity or by an overapplication of the cream. Some customers are highly sensitive type. They can be sensitive to a tiny little amount of the cream. Others might be too eager finding relief to read instructions before using the product. They started by using a large amount of the product hoping to find relief sooner. Unfortunately, overapplication of the product may cause burning and irritation. If you are a sensitive type, you should use the cream at a tiny little amount at the beginning to test it.

Burning is the most common complaint from customers who first used the cream in an excessive amount. It may be a small amount but it is overly excessive for you due to your sensitivity. This type of burning can be easily fixed by substantially reducing the amount of cream. Using a low amount of the cream can avoid irritation and help the atrophied tissue to heal.

To understand why women with vaginal atrophy are more sensitive to a treatment product, you may find this article helpful:

Why women with vaginal atrophy are sensitive to treatment products?

For the balm cream, you must use a tiny little bit, like 1/10 of a dime size at the beginning to avoid sensitivity issue. Over application can cause irritation and intolerance.

If you felt burning after the first use of the cream, please stop using the product for a few days. When your sensitivity quiets down, you can restart using the product. This time, you can follow instructions detailed in the following articles:

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Irritation after using NeuEve Cream. Is this an allergy?

If you could try the product again by following the instruction in these articles, you may soon tolerate the product well and find relief.

However, if you have tried the above methods but still feel burning after using substantially reduced product, you may be a highly sensitive type. You can save the unfinished product in a refrigerator for future use and try the Sensitive Cream designed for highly sensitive women. It is milder than the regular balm cream and can help highly sensitive women to start the treatment without feeling irritation.

After you complete one jar of the Sensitive Cream, your atrophy may be partially relieved and you may be better able to tolerate the regular cream. You can switch to the regular Cream to achieve a more rapid recovery.

Apr 30, 2023

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