The balm cream caused burning. I do not want to use it again.

Thank you for reaching out. We understand your frustration.

We have a friend Jill. She had severe vaginal dryness due to aging (>70) and Sjogren's syndrome. She could not use the mild Silk suppository due to her high sensitivity. The cream is milder than Silk, so she tried the cream. But she was too eager finding relief to read the instruction. She used it a little too much. It caused her not only pain but also bleeding. She was scared.

We explained to her that she should have used it a tiny little bit first, like a 1/10 of a dime size or a rice size and only to the the external vulva. This time she read the instruction more carefully.

After a few days when her sensitivity became quiet down, she restarted the cream as suggested. The tiny little bit of the cream did not cause any pain or bleeding. Instead, it caused mucus secretion, even with a tiny little amount of the balm cream. Her dried glands were waken up to secret mucus. After using the cream for a few months, she no longer have dryness. Her extreme dryness was fully recovered.

The cream works to activate the mucus glands like inducing tears by cutting an onion. You do not need to put onion juice into the eyes to cause tears. It would be too much irritation. Cutting a small onion in distance can do the job.

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However, if you have tried the above methods but still feel burning after using substantially reduced product, you may be a highly sensitive type. You can save the unfinished product in a refrigerator for future use and try theĀ Sensitive Cream designed for highly sensitive women. It is milder than the regular balm cream and can help highly sensitive women to start the treatment without feeling irritation.

After you complete one jar of the Sensitive Cream, your atrophy may be partially relieved and you may be better able to tolerate the regular cream. You can switch to the regular Cream to achieve a more rapid recovery.

I hope that you will find relief soon.

Apr 30, 2023

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