After inserting the balm cream, it caused itching. Is this an allergy?

Thank you for the inquiry.

This might not be an allergy. You might have used the balm cream incorrectly and also overapplied it.

The vulva balm cream is not designed for vaginal insertion, nor does it need to be used in a large amount.

Your itching may not happen again if you use the balm cream correctly in a tiny little amount, not more than a grain of rice size.

The vulva balm cream is like a lip balm. For example, when you use a lip balm for dry lips, you only need to apply it a tiny little bit on your lips. If you take a large chunk of the lip balm as a lozenge, you may feel it tastes funny and hard to swallow, because it is not designed as a lozenge.

For vaginal insertion to relieve dryness, atrophy, and odor, we have several different levels of NeuEve suppositories, like Silk, Silver, Gold, and BV Clear. These suppositories are designed for vaginal insertion.

Then, how can the vulva balm relieve vaginal dryness when it is applied only a tiny little bit on the outside?

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Irritation after using NeuEve Cream. Is this an allergy?

Dec 3, 2023

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