Can I use the balm cream as lube before sex?

The NeuEve vulva balm cream is not a lube. It is a nutrient cream that can help you reverse vaginal dryness and atrophy (wrinkles on the skin) after repeated use. It is like an eye serum for smoothing facial wrinkles.

It can function as a lube but it would be a high priced lube and an inefficient use of the product. Thus, you should not use it like a lube, applying a large amount in a short time. It is wasteful and low efficiency.

You should apply the cream a tiny little bit (1/4 of a dime size) daily at bedtime. After you apply it on the external vulva, in 10-20 minutes, you will feel moisture. It takes some time for the internal secretion to be activated.

If you are still dry and atrophied, you will need at least 20 minutes of time to let the cream to work and activate the mucus glands. So, you need to apply the product early and often, not using it in the last minute.

After repeated use, your dried glands will become activated and you will start secreting your own lubricant. So, if you apply the cream on a daily basis routinely, your atrophy and dryness will be largely recovered. You will be ready at any time. You do not need a lube after your aging process is reversed and your dryness and atrophy are gone.

Feb 23, 2023

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