Do you recommend a lubricant?

You may not need any additional lubes when you are on NeuEve.

The best time to have intimacy when you are on NeuEve is from the second to 4th day after you inserting a suppository and about 20 minutes after you apply the vulva balm cream, just a tiny little bit on the external vulva.

To relieve vaginal dryness, how can the cream apply on the outside benefit deep inside?

Also, we do not recommend using any chemical lubes because these products accelerate vaginal atrophy and can cause damage to the natural vaginal microbiome as they all use toxic preservatives. To understand this problem, you may find this article helpful:

NeuEve should provide sufficient moisture and lubrication. If you still need addition lubrication, it means that your atrophy is really severe and NeuEve products alone may take a long time to provide relief. We recommend that you add dilation exercise to help speed up the relief.

How to use dilators with NeuEve?
How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy

You can use coconut oil if additional lubrication is needed. But try not to use any lubes first. You may be well prepared with NeuEve without needing any lubes.

Oct 14, 2021

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