Can NeuEve help me to relieve uterine prolapse?

Using NeuEve can help strengthen the vaginal walls and restore the position of the uterus if you use it for the long term.

Pelvic organ prolapse is an aging outcome. If you use NeuEve before it happens, it may stop it from happening. But after prolapse has happened, it may take more time and efforts to put it back.

There is no quick fix. The key to success is patience and commitment to long-term use of the NeuEve products.

Besides using NeuEve, dietary supplement, dilation exercise and pelvic floor (Kegel) exercise may help speed up the recovery.

Unlike the bladder, the uterus is not longer used after you have passed the reproductive age.

For bladder prolapse, you need to work on it no matter what because you will need the bladder for life.

But for uterine prolapse, if you have passed the reproductive age, you have a surgical solution - hysterectomy.

However, if you do not want surgery or you want to save the uterus for future use, you can try the natural way to put it back.

Now, the new in vitro fertilization technology can make a grandma to become pregnant. But you must have a uterus. Without uterus, no technology can make a woman pregnant. Keeping the uterus can be important.

It would be a good idea to have your OB/GYN doctor to record your uterine prolapse position. You will have a start point to measure your recovering progress.

It may take a longer time, but using NeuEve and doing the dilation and Kegel exercises do not cause any harms.

If you persist, you may experience the restoration of the prolapsed uterus naturally.

At the same time, the prolapse of other pelvic organs like the prolapsed bladder will also be restored after the pelvic floor muscles become strengthened.

Jun 14, 2023

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