I started using silk a few weeks ago, but it is now causing vaginal itching. Is this normal?

Thank for reaching out. This is a normal reaction. It is caused by sensitivity to the product overdose. Let me explain.

Each Silk suppository lasts about 4 days on average, but it may last a little longer, like a week, in some women who have very severe vaginal dryness.

Due to dryness or a lack of vaginal secretion, ingredients of the first suppository may not be completely dissolved and may remain in the vagina after 4 days.

When you insert a 2nd suppository, there may be a dose overlap. This is the time when you have a possible double dose exposure.

Due to increased dosage, you may feel a little irritation. A mild irritation may be itching, while a severe irritation may be burning. This irritation may further increase after you inserted a 3rd suppository, which may triple the dosage if the previous two suppositories remain inside the vaginal tract.

Some women are more sensitive than average. If they use the Silk suppository once every 4 days, they may be sensitive or feel irritation due to possible double or even triple dose exposures as described above.

One way to solve the sensitivity or dose overlapping issue is to use the product less frequently. Say once every 5 days or even a week.

Another method is to use a half dose but keep the same application schedule.

Due to the difficulty in relieving vaginal atrophy, we think that using a half dose more frequently may be better than using a full dose for a longer duration. The reason is that if the duration is too long between doses, like a week, in the beginning, the dose may be a little too high and in the end when the dose is about to wear out, vaginal atrophy may return, causing a yo-yo effect. But this method is the easiest method for maintenance. You can use one suppository a week and forget about it for the rest of the week if it works for you.

Both methods have their benefits and shortfalls. You can try them and see which one you like better.

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I felt burning after using NeuEve Silk and cream. What should I do?

You can cut the suppository into two halves and use one half at a time.

By reducing the dosage by half, you may not feel itching any more, but it can still relieve your vaginal dryness and atrophy. The problem is that when you use less treatment product or use it less frequently, your recovery will be slower.

The good news is that this intolerance happens often at the beginning stage and is temporary. After you are on NeuEve for a while, your vaginal dryness will be largely relieved. The product will be dissolved better when you have more secretion. The potential overlapping dosage problem will disappear. You may not feel itching or burning when you use the product according to suggested frequency.

You can achieve recovery sooner if you can use the product more frequently after you have overcome the sensitivity problem.

Nov 13, 2021

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