I have used the Silk suppository and the balm cream for 8 weeks, but I do not feel relief.

Thank you for reaching out. NeuEve is by far the best product ever developed for women to relieve vaginal atrophy safely without any side effects. In the past 8 weeks when you used Silk suppositories, you might have made some hidden progress even though you did not notice it. Stop using the product will lose the progress that you have made.

For your best interest, we highly recommend that you continue using the product without stopping. Stopping the use of NeuEve will be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life.


To date, NeuEve has helped over 100,000 women with the most severe vaginal atrophy that all other products have failed to find complete relief. You can find relief too. Reversal of vaginal atrophy takes time. The key to a successful recovery is patience and a strong commitment to the long-term use of the product.

Please continue using Silk and balm cream without stopping.

The following 3 things may help you speed up recovery:

1) Using NeuEve Silk twice as frequently for 1 month to boost the recovery. You can use two packs of Silk for 1 month at the beginning. This tip is provided on the product listing page under Tips.  In case you did not see it, I copy it for you below:


To head start recovery, you can use two packs of Silk in the first month, using one suppository every other day. After 1 month, you can switch to the suggested application frequency, using one pack per month for health maintenance.

2) Start doing dilation exercise. Dilation combined with NeuEve works really well of women with stubborn vaginal atrophy.

How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy

I tried the dilators, but cannot move up the size beyond #3. Any advice?

3) Take suggested dietary supplements. You may find this article helpful:


Taking dietary supplement is EXTREMELY important.

Vaginal dryness is a noticeable symptom of calcium deficiency, but osteoporosis occurs silently until you suffer a sudden bone fracture. You may not know if you have a calcium deficiency unless you take a bone density X-ray. When you suffer from vaginal dryness and painful sex, it is an early indication that you may suffer from osteoporosis silently.

By taking calcium, vitamin D3-K2 supplement, it not only will help your reverse vaginal dryness and atrophy but also heal your hidden osteoporosis and prevent bone fractures.

I have stubborn vaginal atrophy, and using NeuEve alone did not work. Can I get relief by just adding supplements without using dilators?

If you can follow these suggestions, you may speed up recovery and find relief soon.

Aug 28, 2022

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