What's in the Proprietary Blend?

I asked my doctor whether he could recommend me to use NeuEve, but he wants to know what secret ingredients in your proprietary blend are before he can give recommendation. So, could you tell me what ingredients are in your proprietary blend?

As NeuEve is new to the market, many doctors may not be familiar with it and therefore might not recommend it.

The good news is that vaginal dryness is not a 'disease' per se, so it doesn't require a 'drug' for treatment. It's a discomfort that can be relieved independently. For instance, when experiencing dry lips, you can use ChapStick for relief without needing a doctor’s approval or understanding the specifics of its formulation, even if it contains proprietary ingredients.

A 'proprietary blend' refers to a trade secret or a secret recipe. Many restaurants and bakeries have their secret recipes. NeuEve is an innovative technology designed to reverse vaginal atrophy without hormones and clear BV without antibiotics or antiseptics, working through nutritional supplements. This novel technology is based on a composition of nutrients, which is the trade secret of the product, protected as a type of intellectual property by U.S. Federal Law. The FDA allows the term 'proprietary blend' to be used in ingredient lists.

The proprietary blend in NeuEve consists of nutrients like vitamins and minerals in trace amounts, formulated to rejuvenate the atrophied vaginal lining skin and eliminate germs causing BV infection. It's similar to nutrient serums used on the face to smooth wrinkles. All ingredients are natural, organic, and non-GMO, without harmful preservatives.

Trade secrets are common in many businesses. Take pizza, for example: common ingredients like dough, tomato sauce, sausages, pepperoni, and cheese, each may have their secret recipes. Similarly, other common products involving trade secrets include ice creams, chocolates, soft drinks, wines, beers, cakes, and pies. Even everyday items like ketchup have their trade secrets. We are surrounded by products made with secret recipes without often realizing it.

To date, over 100,000 women with severe cases of vaginal atrophy and common infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV), aerobic vaginitis (AV), and cytolytic vaginosis (CV) have found complete relief after using NeuEve. 'Severe' in this context means these women had tried all other available products without success before turning to NeuEve.

Gynecologists, urologists, and oncologists nationwide are now recommending NeuEve to their patients when estrogen and/or antibiotics have been ineffective.

Major cancer centers, including the Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard in Boston, Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University in Missouri, and University Cancer and Blood Center in Georgia, are advising their patients suffering from severe vaginal atrophy after pelvic radiation treatment to use NeuEve when estrogen is ineffective or not an option.

NeuEve is currently considered the best product for relieving vaginal atrophy and dryness without hormones, being safer and more effective than estrogen.



Jan 27, 2024

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