Can you tell me the ingredients in the proprietary blend?

The ingredients in our proprietary blend are all-natural, consisting of food-grade nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are safe and typically do not cause allergies.

For example, certain food ingredients like salt can kill bacteria and may help clear some skin infections. These foods are generally safe and non-allergenic, but they might cause skin sensitivity if used in high concentrations. We have utilized different food ingredients to clear infections where drugs may fail. To minimize potential sensitivities, we have designed products with varying strengths to suit women of different ages.

Unlike antibiotics, which cannot always clear drug-resistant superbugs, food ingredients can be effective against them. This article demonstrates how food ingredients may clear unwanted bacteria:

How does NeuEve clear vaginal odor naturally?

For relieving vaginal dryness and atrophy without using estrogen, the following article provides an explanation:

How does NeuEve relieve atrophy and dryness without hormones?

We disclose most major ingredients in our product but cannot reveal the specifics of the proprietary blend to protect our technology. This 'technology' is a trade secret, a type of intellectual property protected by U.S. federal law.

Many customers who did not find success with other treatments have turned to our product for relief. To date, over 100,000 women with severe vaginal dryness and atrophy, including many cancer survivors who cannot use hormones, have safely found relief with NeuEve. The world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard in Boston has been recommending NeuEve to their cancer survivors for over five years. For more information, please read:

Our goal is to help those in need find relief. If we were to release all our trade secrets, we would jeopardize our business and our ability to assist people in need.

We appreciate your understanding.

Jan 27, 2024

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