Can you tell me the ingredients in the proprietary blend?

The ingredients are all natural and food grade that are safe and do not cause allergy.

For example, certain food ingredients like salt can kill bacteria and can clear some skin infections. These foods are safe and do not cause allergy, but their problem is that they may cause skin sensitivity if the concentration is too high. We just used different food ingredients for clearing infections that drugs fail.

We release most major ingredients in the product but cannot release details in the proprietary blend to protect the technology. The trade secret is called "technology" and is a type of intellectual property protected by the US federal law.

Most customers who tried other treatments but failed are willing to try the product to find relief. But a few wanted to know the detailed ingredients and they still have not found relief.

Our goal is to help people in need to find relief. If we release all the trade secrets, we will be soon out of business. We will not be able to help people in need.

We appreciate your understanding.

Feb 9, 2023

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