How does NeuEve relieve atrophy and dryness without hormones?

Menopause causes osteoporosis, the atrophy of bones, due to the reduction of estrogen.

Estrogen supplement can reverse osteoporosis, but it has a cancer risk. The cancer risk is real even for women without a family history of cancer.

Thousands of NeuEve customers are previous users of estrogen who later developed breast cancer. In fact, most breast cancer cases do not have a family history.

It has been well documented in the scientific literature that estrogen promotes breast cancer (

A safer method to reverse osteoporosis is taking calcium and vitamin D3 and K2 pills. This method is called the nutritional supplement.

To date, millions of post-menopausal women are doing just that and have achieved overwhelming success.

Likewise, vaginal atrophy and dryness can also be reversed by the method of the nutritional supplement. NeuEve does it by delivering the right group of nutrients to the vaginal tissue as does calcium and vitamin D3 and K2 for bones.

Before a woman reaches menopause, her vagina is moisturized by mucus glands.

After menopause, estrogen reduces, the vaginal gland dries, and the mucosal tissue shrinks (becomes atrophied).

Estrogen can control these mucus glands, but the glands can also be controlled by other things.

Let us look at dry eyes as an example.

When tear glands shrink with aging, eyes dry. People often use artificial tears to find relief, but the effect wears off quickly.

It is better to revive dried tear glands, which provide auto-lubrication 24/7.

Normally tear glands are controlled by mood change to cause tears. The tear glands can also be activated by cutting an onion.

Cuttting onion.JPG

But onion smells bad. It would be nice if a rose could be used as the tear stimulant.

We have found the “rose” for reviving dried glands in women. This is the secret of NeuEve. Due to the revival of mucus-secreting glands, the vaginal mucosa is auto-lubricated and moisturized 24/7. Many women using NeuEve report reversal of vaginal atrophy and regaining of moisture. We use “rose” to represent NeuEve because it clears up odor by restoring vaginal ecology. Women smell fresh and feel rejuvenated after using NeuEve.

Now all NeuEve products use the organic rose essential oil for its pleasant scent and remarkable health benefits.

Smell the rose-1.jpg

To date, over 100,000 women with severe vaginal atrophy have used NeuEve and found relief. Among them, Some suffered from the most severe vaginal atrophy caused by pelvic radiation. Both estrogen and MonaLisa Touch have failed to provide relief. NeuEve is the only product that has provided effective relief for these women. Thus, NeuEve is more effective than estrogen and MonaLisa Touch for vaginal atrophy relief.

Apr 22, 2023

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