When I received the suppository, it is soft and gritty. Can I still use the suppository?

The NeuEve suppository is made with oil base, like a white chocolate, and should melt at the body temperature. In the summer, the product will become soft and may appear gritty. This is normal. Many of the ingredients like certain nutrients do not dissolve in oil and they are mixed in solid oil like ingredients in a crunchy chocolate candy. If you eat a crunchy chocolate in the summer, especially outdoors, the candy may become soft and gritty (not so crunchy) due to hot temperature. We use crunchy chocolate as an analogy for explanation purpose.

In the hot summertime, the suppository can become soft or melt during shipping. This is common. When the suppository becomes soft and melts due to hot temperature, the product may become out of shape. If you use it now, it will be messy and difficult to insert. The right way is to cool it first in a refrigerator.

Please take a look on the side panel of the NeuEve packaging box. There is warning statement "Refrigerate before use in hot weather." This is the solution for soft suppository. After you refrigerate it for at least 3 hours, it will become hard and easy to use. The product will reset and work like new. If the shape of the suppository changes, it is normal and will not lose its quality

If your area is hot like Florida or Arizona, you can keep NeuEve in a refrigerator for the entire summertime for easy storage and application.

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