The suppository is gritty and expensive. I want my money back.

NeuEve is a product with major technology breakthroughs for improving women's health.

One of the major technology breakthroughs is timed and extended release for rapid and longer-lasting effects.

If you plant vegetables or flowers, you may have used plant food (fertilizer). In the old days, nearly all plant foods were in the powdered form and their effects were short lived. You would need to reapply the plant food frequently.

In recent years, a technology called extended release has made plant food able to last much longer after each application. The extended release is achieved by granulation of the fertilizers. Using various sized granules, the fertilizers can be released at different times with an extended effect.

granular fertilizer.JPG

Likewise, NeuEve uses a similar technology to achieve a timed and extended release. When you feel gritty, these are the microgranules of the ingredients.

Without microgranules, the effect of a product may only last for 1 day.

With microgranules, NeuEve suppositories can last up to 8 days after each application. The longer-lasting effect is a major advantage of NeuEve over its competitors. No other vaginal suppositories last this long.

The microgranules are tiny and can only be felt between fingers. It cannot be felt in the vagina. Most women do not even notice the difference. Thus, it is not an issue as long as it can help relieve discomforts caused by vaginal dryness, atrophy and/or BV.

Another major technology breakthrough of NeuEve is to relieve vaginal dryness and atrophy without using hormones. For details, you can read this article:

The third major technology breakthrough of NeuEve is to clear unwanted bad bacteria without using antibiotics. For details, you can read this article:

These three major technology breakthroughs make NeuEve safer and more effective than all other products in the same category.

About the cost, you need to compare apple with apple. This means that you need to compare NeuEve with other products in the same category.

A major competitor of NeuEve is estrogen. The cost of estrogen is high. It averages $325 per month. Even if you may have an insurance, it may not cover the cost of estrogen or has a high copay that is over $200 per month. You need to visit a doctor to get prescription for estrogen. Each visit you will need to pay a doctor's fee or copay. The cost adds up.

Additionally, estrogen is not safe. It increases the risk of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers, uterine fibroids, pulmonary embolism (clotting disorder), stroke, and heart attack. Many women, especially breast cancer survivors, cannot use estrogen. Some estrogen products are made from horse urine and may involve animal cruelty. Many animal lovers are against using this type of estrogen.

Another competitor is laser-based treatment like Mona Lisa Touch. The cost is over $2,500 for one procedure, but a recent clinical study showed that it is not effective.

NeuEve costs much less than these two competitors but its effect is much better.

To date, NeuEve has helped over 100,000 women to find relief from severe vaginal atrophy (painful sex) or from BV (odor) that all other products or drugs had failed.

Gynecologists and urologists in several national level medical centers are recommending NeuEve to their patients who suffer from severe vaginal atrophy or aging related recurrent UTIs after estrogen, antibiotics, and/or Mona Lisa Touch had failed to provide relief.

Therefore, you have got the best value for your money by purchasing NeuEve.

We encourage you to try NeuEve and feel the difference.

If your area is hot or it is in the summertime, the product may become soft and harder to insert. You can refrigerate the product first before use.

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Dec 10, 2022

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