How does NeuEve clear bad bacteria without harming good ones?

Antibiotics and antiseptics (like boric acid) kill bacteria by direct toxicity or poison.

The problem is that only a small number of bacteria are bad for you. Most bacteria that colonize your body do no harm to you. Some may be beneficial by providing vitamins in your gut or as a space holder so that bad bacteria or yeast will not colonize. If all bacteria including the good ones are killed by antibiotics, yeast may take over, causing yeast infection. If you are dealing with a yeast infection you may be interested in

Also, antibiotics cannot kill bacteria that are drug resistant. For example, Enterococcus and E. coli that cause aerobic vaginitis (AV) often are superbugs that resist almost all antibiotics available to date.

NeuEve is not a drug or antibiotic. It kills unwanted bacteria by changing the micro-environment. Therefore, even if the superbugs resist all antibiotics, they can be killed when the environment is changed. On the other hand, good bacteria (like Lactobacillus) that can adapt to the changed environment are unharmed.

About how changing environment can kill unwanted bacteria, let us use a fish analogy to explain it.

If you want to reduce fish (assuming it was unwanted bacterium) in a pond, you do not need to poison it. Adding poison to the pond will kill not only fish but also other life forms. Poison may also pollute the environment, causing environmental safety concerns. To kill fish, you can drain the pond (environmental change). Fish will die out without polluting the environment.


The key to success is to keep pond dry long enough time. If you take the water out briefly, and then pour it back, some fish may survive.

Therefore, for this method to work well, using NeuEve products consistently for a longer time is important.

The benefits of using this method is a lack of side effects associated with antibiotics usage. It does not cause drug resistance, yeast infection and many other antibiotics-associated side effects.

Its limitation is that it works only for surface infection like the vaginal cavity, where the product can be topically delivered.

It may not work for deep infections like PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease), an infection of a woman’s reproductive organs. PID most often occurs when sexually transmitted bacteria spread from your vagina to your uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. The topical product cannot clear deep infections. You will need to use antibiotics for that.

However, most infections are surface infections. Even deep infections may start from a surface infection. Changing microenvironment can clear most surface infections of the urogenital cavity, like BV (bacterial vaginosis), AV (aerobic vaginitis), CV (cytolytic vaginosis), and chronic UTIs. Its major advantage over antibiotics or antiseptics is that it is natural and safe. It can clear infections quickly without any side effects.

Therefore, healing infections naturally is the best healing.

To understand how nutrient supplement can clear bad bacteria and balance the microbiome, you may find this article helpful:

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is about natural products, nutrients, and/or alternative methods for managing discomforts associated with vaginal dysbiosis (imbalance of microbiome, not a true infection or disease). It is not medical advice for the treatment of any diseases.


Customer feedback on NeuEve products

Could not be more grateful

I am so grateful for Dr. Chang developing this miracle product. I tried antibiotics - a very expensive one because I could not use flagyl, and it did not work. BV Clear worked in two courses. It not only resolved my BV but all the stress, worry, and self-consciousness that comes with it. Beyond pleased with this product.

Miracle and so thankful

Listen ladies, This product has saved my life! I was diagnosed with ureaplasma in May 2022 after suffering for three years from reoccurring BV. No other doctor had tested me for ureaplasma so for the past three years I was prescribed antibiotics for BV and it never worked. My sex life was full of pain and burning and I hated myself. In June 2022, After doing some research I found neu eve. I finished the round of antibiotics the doc gave me for the ureaplasma as I was taking them when I found out about this product. Once I finished the antibiotics, I started using BV clear. Ladies let me tell you…. All of my symptoms were gone within the first three days of taking this product! While on the antibiotics (I was also taking probiotics at the same time) I still felt symptoms of ureaplasma. Neu eve was my last resort before I went back to my doctor to tell her I still felt pain. When I went back to the doc she tested me for ureaplasma and I no longer had it! I am so excited and happy. I am now subscribed to NeuEve and I don’t care about the cost. This product has literally saved my sex life. Thank you so much. Seriously!

Jennifer W.
Covid BV - Works better than antibiotics and no side effects

For anyone who has experienced BV as a result of gut and vaginal bacterial imbalance from Covid, this is the only product that works. I tried Boric Acid (which is great for regular, after-sex imbalance) and GYN-prescribed antibiotics, and neither worked. The antibiotics was a particular problem because, not only do they wipe out the good and bad bacteria, but my doc wanted to prescribe metronidazole/flagyl, which is so abrasive on the gut - I learned that the hard way several years ago. Never again will I take that. So, because I refused to take that, she prescribed another that was one day granules. It cost me $120 because it was a luxury/convenience antibiotic, even though I could not take the only other one that "works". The first time I took it, I thought the BV went away. It came back a few weeks later. I got another script, spent another $120, but this time, the antibiotics didn't work at all. When I finally sought out something else and happened upon this, it felt like a miracle. No side effects and it worked after two straight courses of it. I couldn't be more grateful, and I feel like everyone needs to know about this product.

Best thing ever

I've fought with bv for over 7 years. Went to the Dr got oral antibiotics. Went back got creams. Took boric acid. Nothing worked!! I took 1 box of this and could see a difference. Took 2 more boxes once a week and it's been 3 months and I've been great. That's the longest I've Went in 7 years without an odor. This stuff is fabulous!!

One dose did the trick!

I started experiencing BV symptoms for the first time a couple of months ago, but I tested negative for any infections at my doctor's visit. Still, this strange, musty, fishy odor persisted and kept getting worse. Thinking my pH was maybe just a little off after a summer of swimming pools and being in a new relationship after a long period of abstinence, I tried a boric acid suppository and really wished I hadn't because it irritated me and made me bleed. I also tried coconut oil and tea tree oil, which didn't help at all. I was about to buy a box of rephresh but I just couldn't bring myself to inject so many parabens into my body, so I kept researching and found BV clear. All I can say is, WOW. I wish I had tried these first! Overnight, the odor disappeared. The next day, I noticed I had much less discharge than normal. I spread out the last two doses longer than the suggested 3 nights because I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. I think I used the second dose on night 6 and the third dose about 4 nights later. I do notice that things still start feel a little off after sex again but overall it's SO much better. I just subscribed to keep these on hand for weekly maintenance. I will say that at first I didn't love the idea of buying something without knowing all of the ingredients, but I'm so glad I did, because whatever is in that proprietary blend WORKS. Regarding the price - I will happily spend the money to keep a gentle, effective treatment on hand, especially if it keeps me out of doctor's offices and away from antibiotics. Thank you Dr. Chang!

No more antibiotics!

I am so happy with NeuEve. I've been dealing with BV for a while now & wasn't getting any help from my doctor other than antibiotics, which I hate. I was skeptical about Neueve but desperate so I ordered 2 boxes of BV clear & 1 box of Gold. I am 3 months free of BV & no more antibiotics for me! Also, the customer service was awesome. I had questions so I emailed for help & within a day someone responded & I got the help I needed. Thank you Neueve, you saved me!

Be fearless!

I was scared about buying. Couldn’t tell if this was a legit website and if the product itself was legit. Day one- the internal burning is gone and so was the smell. Which was awful. Between this and boric acid suppositories, I never have to go to the doctor for antibiotics again. One med always causing the other. This broke that vicious cycle. I’d have this problem all my life. Took 29 years and a lot of online digging to find New Eve. Will be ordering another backup soon.

Great product first time

I enjoyed using this product it really gave me relief!!! I have chronic bv and this gave me hope that there is something out here that can work (I also Breast feed and this product made me happy that it’s safe to use)also going to the doctors for antibiotics is a headache ( seems like every month) I did get a yeast infection after using NeuEve ,the discharge I barely had any mess while sleeping unlike other products they say where a pant liner But I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from bv NeuEve recommend another use for serve bv so I’ll be ordering this product again and writing another review to let everyone this really work’s!


Honestly this product is a gift from god! I always suffer from BV For many years for even for the slightest reason like wearing the wrong material underwear or I throw off my body eco-system it can range from sexual activities and products I use . I use to have have BV from moderate to severe after taking my prescription to help bring it down but it still will come back. I’m happy to say I use this product just to maintain my system and it works it won’t re occur for a while only if I engage in certain activity but other then that it’s perfect! No more dryness, no odor, no burning and discharge free. I’m so happy I found this product my first time using it and I love it already ❤️ I will continue to use this product it’s gentle on my body because I am sensitive and it works pretty fast to.

Jan 1, 2024

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