I am on the Gold level. Should I use the suppository before or after intimacy?

Once you are the gold phase, you can use the suppository once a week and forget about it for the rest of the week. It is easy to remember and convenient for health maintenance.

You may have intimacy at any day since the second day after you use the suppository. But the best time to have intimacy is the second day to forth day (3 days) after you use a Gold suppository.

Most customers use the Gold suppository on Thursday. If weekend is the most likely days to have intimacy, using a suppository on Thursday will cover 3 days of the entire weekend.

Why not to have sex on the same day you use the suppository? You can, but the suppository may be wasted because semen can dilute ingredients before they are fully absorbed, rendering the product less effective. Additionally, the ingredients may cause irritation to the partner.

If you allow the suppository to be absorbed for at least 1 day, the nutrients taken up by the tissue may last for a week. After 1 day, most of the ingredients are either absorbed or leaked out due to discharges. They may not cause irritation to the partner.

Jul 30, 2023

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