What is the pH of NeuEve suppositories?

To understand how NeuEve restores vaginal normal pH, Let me give you some background.

The normal vaginal acidity for reproductive-aged women (15-49) is in the range of pH 3.8-4.5.

Our customers are mainly postmenopausal women. The normal pH for women after menopause is around pH 5.3.

Why does the normal pH increase after menopause? The reason is that after menopause, estrogen reduces and the vaginal lining skin shrinks. Before the vaginal lining atrophies, it has a thick skin of about 40 layers. The cells on the top layer frequently shed, like dandruff shedding from the scalp.

The shed cells feed the friendly Lactobacillus bacteria. The bacteria in turn produce acid to drop the pH to below 4.5.

After menopause, the vaginal skin shrinks to just 1 layer. The top layer is also the bottom layer. Cell shedding stops. The Lactobacillus bacteria are starved. They reduce in number and do not produce as much acid as before. This raises the vaginal pH. The increased vaginal pH is a part of normal aging. It is not abnormal.

If you are postmenopausal and use a product that delivers a strong acid to yield vaginal pH to below 4.5, you will be badly burned by the acid. The atrophied vaginal lining is highly sensitive to acid burn. The pH level that you can tolerate at this age is around pH 5.3.

Other products use a one-size-fits-all approach to regulate vaginal pH for women of all ages. These products use a simple acid to drop pH. They may be designed for younger women but for postmenopausal women, these products often cause acid burns.

NeuEve is the only product on the market that provides customized care. It provides 3 strength levels suitable for women of different ages.

Additionally, NeuEve suppositories use smart pH restoration technology. These suppositories can help you restore a normal pH that matches your age. If you are premenopausal and your vaginal pH is off, NeuEve can bring your pH back to normal (3.8-4.5). But if you are postmenopausal, and your vaginal pH is off, NeuEve can restore your pH to your normal range of about 5.3. The pH restoration occurs gradually and inconspicuously. You do not feel any discomfort.

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Apr 20, 2021

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