I am struggling with a yeast infection. Can I use NeuEve suppositories and supplements to find relief?

NeuEve works by providing nutritional supplements that boost the body's immunity to fend off infections. While it works well for clearing recurrent BV, addressing yeast infections is a bit more complex.

If you do not currently have a yeast infection, using NeuEve may help prevent it. However, if you are already dealing with a yeast infection, using NeuEve alone may not effectively clear it, as yeast infections can be more stubborn to treat.

Given that your yeast infection seems difficult to clear or keeps recurring, it may indicate a weakened immunity.

For treating the yeast infection, you can use an antifungal drug like Monistat-3 from your local drugstore. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product package for best results.

Once your yeast infection is cleared, you can then start using NeuEve suppositories to help boost your immunity.

You can choose NeuEve Silk if you're over 55, NeuEve Silver if you're between 50-55, or NeuEve Gold if you're under 50. www.neueve.com

To prevent yeast from recurring, it's important to boost your immunity and address yeast in your digestive system. You can consider using a dietary supplement like Reset & Rejoice, available at https://www.neueve.com/products/reset-and-rejoice

Additionally, taking a feminine probiotic supplement such as Fem Dophilus can help reseed friendly bacteria and restore a balanced microbiome.

Probiotics are not our products. But you can find them on Amazon or in your local drugstores. Make sure to choose only women's probiotics.

Feb 27, 2024

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