I get yeast infection after using NeuEve. What should I do?

Thank you for reaching out. We understand your concern about yeast infection.

There may be two possibilities:

One is a false alarm.

The product has white-colored ingredients. You may see a white discharge after using the product. It may look like yeast but may be normal.

If you are a sensitive type or have severe vaginal atrophy, you may feel itching or irritation shortly after inserting the product. This is also normal. To reduce the sensitivity, you can cut the suppository into two halves or 1/4 pieces and use 1/2 every other day or 1/4 daily. With a reduced dosage, you may not feel itching anymore.

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How to tell if the itching is caused by the sensitivity to the product or by yeast?

A yeast infection takes time because the yeast needs time to grow. It may take days for the yeast to grow up to reach a number significant to cause symptoms. But sensitivity to the product may happen shortly after you insert the product.

The itching and irritation may become severe on the second day and then will gradually reduce as the irritative ingredients are lost due to discharge. But if the itching is caused by yeast, the intensity of the itching will not reduce with time.

How to tell if the white discharge is caused by unabsorbed suppository ingredients or by yeast infection-related cottage cheese-like discharge?

The suppository ingredient-caused discharge will happen most of the next day after you insert the suppository. The amount of discharge will reduce with time and on the 3rd day, it will stop because most of the ingredients are flushed out.

The yeast infection-related cottage cheese-like discharge will continue without stopping until the yeast is under control with an antifungal drug.

The second possibility is a true yeast infection.

NeuEve does not cause yeast, because NeuEve is made sterile. It cannot cause infections.

Then, why does yeast infection happen after using NeuEve?

It may be an old yeast coming back.

If you had a yeast infection when you were young, the yeast might become dormant when you become menopausal and suffered vaginal dryness. Yeast needs moisture. It does not grow in a dried environment.

The rejuvenation effect of NeuEve makes the environment moist again. This may allow the dormant yeast to grow back.

If you never had a yeast infection before, you may not get yeast by using NeuEve.

However, yeast infections are common. About 75 out of 100 women will get a vaginal yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. This means that it may happen without any apparent cause and it could be unrelated to the use of NeuEve.

After using NeuEve, your dryness will reduce and you will feel more moisture. A moist environment may allow the yeast to grow. If you feel that you get a yeast infection, you can manage it easily with an over-the-counter antifungal med, like Monistat-3. You can get it at our local drugstore.

This is a trade-off for an age-reversal product.

When you feel younger, you may need to manage some of the younger woman's problems.

Using NeuEve routinely will help you boost your resistance to yeast infection because it supports the growth of friendly Lactobacillus bacteria. This article explains how:

I am 58 and have yeast infection. Whenever I stop using antifungals, yeast comes back. Can NeuEve help me?

If you are dealing with a yeast infection you may be interested in https://www.neueve.com/products/reset-and-rejoice

Dec 7, 2023

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