I have tried NeuEve Silk for 1 year without positive effect. I want to convert to estrogen.

Thank you for reaching out.

Converting to estrogen can be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your lifetime.

The reason is that estrogen has a cancer risk. Many women got breast, ovarian or uterine cancer after using estrogen.

How can a hormone pill, skin patch, or vaginal insert, ring, or cream raise cancer risk?

NeuEve is hormone free and is safer.


Over 100,000 women with the most severe vaginal atrophy have found relief after using NeuEve.

Since you have not achieved progress, you might not have used the product correctly.

Did you do the dilation exercise? This is very important. If you have not done so, we highly recommend that you start doing it ASAP.

How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy

Did you take suggested supplements? It is very important to take these dietary supplements.


Did you follow the tips for speeding up the recovery by double dosing for a month?

It is listed on our product webpage. For your convenience, I copy it for you below:

To head start recovery, you can use two packs of Silk in the first month, using one suppository every other day. After 1 month, you can switch to the suggested application frequency, using one pack per month for health maintenance.

This article provide some tips to speed up the recovery:

I have painful sex. Can I use NeuEve to find relief quickly? Good for all ages.

If you can follow the suggestions, you will find relief very soon.

Many women with severe vaginal atrophy have tried estrogen first but failed. After they use NeuEve, they found relief.


Do you guarantee that NeuEve works better than estrogen?

Feb 24, 2024

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