Which products are good for relieving vulvodynia?

Recently, due to the availability of NGS (next-generation sequencing) technology for microbiome testing, a large number of vulvodyia cases with previously unknown causes have been diagnosed as aerobic vaginitis (AV). 

To determine if your vulvodynia is caused by AV, you can do a vaginal microbiome test. The cost for a test is about $120, but Juno Lab has offered our customers a discount code.

Once you get the lab test, we will be happy to help you analyze it and determine if your vulvadynia is caused by AV.

If your vulvodynia is caused by AV like E. coli, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Klebsiella, and Lactobacillus iners, you can clear it simply with AV NIL.

This article provides instructions on how to clear AV-related vulvodynia: I have aerobic vaginitis (AV). Which product should I start?

However, if your case is not related to AV or any other types of infection, you can try the following products to find relief:

  1. NeuEve Cream: https://www.neueve.com/cream
  2. NeuEve Silk: https://www.neueve.com/silk
  3. Dilators: https://www.neueve.com/dilators

You may find out more about how to treat vulvodynia by reading this article: https://www.neueve.com/blog/easy-and-succefful-self-treatments-for-vulvodynia/

Tips about using dilators:

1) Avoid overstretching. It is understandable that one may wish to move up the sizes quickly to get a more rapid recovery. However, this can be counterproductive. The recovery of vaginal atrophy is a slow process. Moving up the dilator sizes too quickly or skipping sizes can cause overstretching, which in turn can tear the atrophied tissue to cause injuries. Please do not skip the sizes and try the largest dilator first. Please be patient and do the exercise with a stepwise increment to avoid possible injuries due to overstretching. Please give one size dilator at least 3-4 weeks to allow tissue to catch up the growth before moving up to the next size.

2) Preventing UTI. Physically, dilation exercise is like sexual intercourse. The penetration movement can mobilize bacteria normally on the skin into the bladder to cause UTI. You will need to pee immediately after each exercise to prevent UTI. Urination can flush out any bacteria that entered the bladder during the dilation exercise. Therefore, drinking a lot of water before exercise helps build up the urinating flushing pressure and prevent UTI.

Mar 30, 2024

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