Why do we not use the suppositories during our menstrual periods? It sets back a whole week, correct?

This is a good question.

Most of our customers use NeuEve for vaginal atrophy and dryness. They are mostly postmenopausal and do not have menstrual period. Younger women may use NeuEve to relieve BV, vulvodynia, vaginismus, or posterior fourchette fissure. They have menstrual period.

We suggest not to use NeuEve suppository during menstrual period for the follow reasons:

(1) Menstrual blood can dilute the ingredients to reduce its effect.
(2) The blood can flash the suppository out to cause a waste.
(3) The menstrual blood mixing with the suppository's ingredients can be messy.

The suppository is not cheap and it is better to use it more effectively. It does not cause a set back because even if you use one, it may not work effectively due to dilution and wash out. It does not hurt to wait for a few days to get a cleaner treatment.

However, if you really want to use one during menstrual period and you are not afraid of wasting, you may try it. It may not have much treatment effect due to ingredient dilution but it may not cause much a side effect. It may be just a little wasteful and messy.

During menstrual period, if you use the NeuEve balm cream for itching relief, you may continue using it.

The balm is oil based and is not easily washed out by menstrual blood. After you apply a little bit of the balm, it may stay for a long time. You only need to apply a tiny little bit to have an effect. Even if you lose some, you can easily reapply.

Jun 24, 2022

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