Why do you not provide free samples?

Because free samples may be counterproductive. They may not help customers to find ultimate relief.

After menopause, women's estrogen reduces. In addition to vaginal atrophy, their bones may also develop osteoporosis (the atrophy of bones). A common method is nutritional supplements, like calcium pills and vitamin D. But the reversal of osteoporosis takes time. One bottle of calcium pills is not sufficient. It may need 10-12 large bottles to see a difference in bone density improvement on the X-ray.

A small bottle of free calcium pills may not help the customer to continue taking calcium pills.

Once the customer finds out that her osteoporosis has not improved, she may think that calcium pills do not work. She may not purchase additional calcium pills. As a result, her osteoporosis will continue to worsen and she may end up with bone fractures. Therefore, providing a free sample bottle of calcium pills can be counterproductive.

Likewise, vaginal atrophy can also be reversed by nutritional supplements. NeuEve reverses vaginal atrophy by delivering nutrients directly to the atrophied tissue. But the recovery also takes time. A small free sample may not be sufficient to see a difference. The customer may think that the product does not work and stop using it. As a result, she may lose the chance of her lifetime to ever find relief.

Our BV care products are highly effective. Over 10,000 women with the most severe cases of BV have found complete relief after using NeuEve. However, only 20% of customers with a stubborn case of BV can find relief after using just 1 suppository. Over 80% will need to continue using more products for a period of time. Therefore, offering free BV Care products may be also counterproductive.

To date, NeuEve has helped over 100,000 women with severe vaginal atrophy, BV, AV, lichen sclerosis, and/or other feminine discomforts find relief safely and effectively. None of them started with a free sample. The key to successful recovery is a long-term commitment to using NeuEve.


Additionally, NeuEve is so popular that all products are sold out as soon as they are made. We do not have overstocked items to give out as free samples.

Oct 9, 2023

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