I am over 70 and have dryness, odor, painful sex, and chronic recurrent UTIs. Which product is right for me?

Our products are mainly made for women between ages 15 and 70.

For women over 70, they may have severe vaginal atrophy and may be sensitive to the regular NeuEve products.

We have made a small batch of sensitive Silk and sensitive balm cream for women over 70. These "sensitive" products are not listed for sale to the public due to low demand. We specially reserve these products for women over 70. They can purchase these products by contacting us directly to request.

Their prices are the same as the regular Silk or balm cream and are $59.95 each pack or jar.

If you are not sexually active, using the "sensitive" balm cream alone may help you find relief from dryness and itching.

If your major symptom is odor, the balm cream may not work well. The right product is the sensitive Silk suppository as a starting product. After you use 1 pack of the sensitive Silk, if your odor persists, you may move up a level to the regular Silk for better clearance of the odor.

However, if you are sexually active and painful sex is a discomfort, we recommend that you use both the sensitive Silk and sensitive balm cream.

Why do I need to add the NeuEve cream to the suppository?

If you are interested in purchasing one or both "sensitive" products, please let us know. We will send you an invoice to your email through PayPal, so you can purchase these special "sensitive" products.

You only need to use these "sensitive" products for 1 month to help you start the healing process. After that, you will be able to tolerate the regular NeuEve Silk and/or Balm Cream without feeling irritation. You can purchase regular NeuEve Silk and/or Balm Cream from our website www.neueve.com to get more rapid recovery.

By the way, some customers request refund after using the product for 30 days by taking advantage of our satisfaction guarantee. As a result, these customers will lose the chance of a lifetime to find an ultimate relief. To help our customers to find an ultimate relief, we must tell our customers upfront that for treating aging related vaginal atrophy, you must commit to long-term use of the product to find relief. The 30-day period for the money-back guarantee is not a long enough time to see an ultimate relief from aging related vaginal atrophy. Thus, the 30-day money back guarantee does not apply for aging related vaginal atrophy and it related dryness, odor, painful sex, and/or chronic recurrent UTIs.

Sep 23, 2022

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