I am on Gold, but your chart says to use Silk at 60. Could you change my order to Silk?

"I am on NeuEve Gold, but I just turned 60. According to your chart, at 60, I should use Silk. Could you change my subscription to Silk?"

There might be some misunderstanding. The chart is designed for new customers who just start on a NeuEve Formula.

We designed 3 phases of formula because when women have a severe type of vaginal atrophy, their vaginal lining skin is very thin and they are very sensitive to treatment products. Therefore, we suggest that they start from the mildest formula Silk to avoid intolerance.

Let me use coffee as an analogy. If you start drinking coffee for some time and feel that it is not strong enough, you can try the 3x more concentrated Espresso and you may like it. However, if you never tried coffee in your lifetime, starting directly at the more concentrated Espresso may cause intolerance. You may not like the bitter taste and may not even want to try coffee anymore.

After starting at Silk for 1-4 months, women can move up a phase to the Silver. After they are on Silver for 1-4 months, they can move up a phase again to the NeuEve Gold.

Gold is the best formula that delivers 3x more concentrated nutrients to the atrophied tissue than Silver. The Silver is the second best. It is 3x more concentrated than the Silk.

The Silk is the mildest one that may cause the least irritation. The trade-off is that it delivers a very little amount of nutrients.

Since you are already on the NeuEve Gold and you did not feel burning, you should continue using the Gold as long as you feel comfortable. You should not go backward. One Gold suppository equals 9 Silk suppositories (one pack of Silk has 8 suppositories). Therefore, 1 Gold is more than 1 pack of Silk. Able to use the Gold without feeling irritation, you can get the maximal benefit with easy maintenance because you can use 1 suppository a week.

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Oct 3, 2022

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