I have moved up to the Silver/Gold. What can I do with the leftover Silk/Silver suppositories?

Silver is 3x more concentrated than Silk, and Gold is 3x more concentrated than Silver in the nutrient concentrations, but if you use the latter 3x more frequently, it should be as good as the former because it would deliver the same amount of nutrients. Right?

But this is only true in theory. In real life, you can use Silk once every 4 days or Silver once every 5 days to achieve a result nearly as good as using Gold once every 8 days. The milder formula delivers less nutrients and causes less less irritation, but it is used more frequently. It also causes less loss of the product materials after each application.

Even though Gold is the most concentrated product and it lasts longer than Silver and Silk, it only introduces a higher concentrated nutrients in the first 2 days. This is the time when you feel burning or irritation if you are sensitive to it. The concentration reduces after the 3rd day and continue to reduce until the 8th day. After the 8th day, you will need to insert a new suppository because the first one will be largely worn out. One Gold suppository does not last 3x longer than Silver (3x5=15 days) or 9x longer than Silk (4x9=36 days).

The reason is loss of the ingredients after application with time. The higher the nutrient concentration of a product, the more loss will result. After the suppository insertion, its ingredient will gradually reduce due to microbial degradation, dilution by vaginal secretion, and flushing out by vaginal discharges.

NeuEve suppositories are high value products. You should not waste them. You can still use the Silk once every 4 days or Silver once every 5 days. Alternatively, you can store the leftover products in a refrigerator for future use.

We all get older every day. Our tolerance to Gold or Silver will reduce with time. Once you feel burning after using 1 Gold or Silver suppository, it will suggest that your vaginal atrophy becomes severe. The milder Silk or Silver will be the right one to use to help you recover from the newly developed vaginal atrophy.

Feb 7, 2022

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