Being on Silk for 8 months, I want to move to the next phase. What are the benefits of moving to Silver?

Thank you for the inquiry.

Compared to Silk, Silver delivers 3x more nutrients to the atrophied tissue. The trade-off is that if a woman is severely atrophied she may feel burning if uses Silver upfront. Thus, we recommend that women over 55 or with severe vaginal atrophy to start with the milder formula Silk.

Since you have been on the Silk for 8 months, your atrophy has been largely improved and you may tolerate the Silver better. You can move to the next phase if you feel Silk is not strong enough for you. When you first use the Silver,  you may feel a little irritation. If so, you may soon get used to it and may become tolerant to it when you use the second one.

It is beneficial to move to Silver if you can tolerate it. Potential benefits of Silver over Silk may include:

  1. More rapid recovery of vaginal atrophy because you will receive 3x more nutrients.
  2. Longer lasting effects. You use Silver once every 5 days instead it once every 4 days for Silk, so you only need to use 6 suppositories per month.
  3. You may regain more functions that are lost due to vaginal atrophy, such as arousal,  libido, and/or orgasm.
  4. Better clearance of atrophic vaginitis-associated chronic infections like BV (bacterial vaginosis) and AV (aerobic vaginitis) with symptoms like odor, discharge, itching and burning.
  5. Better clearance of infections of the bladder like recurrent UTIs with symptoms like painful urination (dysuria).

After you are on Silver of several months, you may move to the next phase to the Gold , which is 3x more concentrated than the Silver. Once you are on the Gold phase, you may gain more benefits as listed above. However, there may be an age-limitation for moving up to the Gold phase due to intolerance to a higher concentrated product.

We received a customer review from a couple in their 70s:

“This product saved our sex life! My wife and I are in our 70s, so this was important to us to remain intimate. We started with the introductory product Silk. We found that gold was too strong, and silver is perfect. My wife uses it once a week. This is a dream true for us. Thank You.“

From customers' feedback, Silver may still be good for women over 70, but it may be the highest phase for them.

Note: If you are sexually active, you must allow at least 1 day (24 hours) for absorption after you insert a Silver suppository before having intimacy. Due to increased nutrient concentration, if you do not allow enough time for absorption, it may cause sensitivity to the partner.

I hope that you will find better relief soon.

Apr 10, 2023

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