How can 8 suppositories last for a whole month?

"I got my package today, but it has only 8 suppositories. How can it lasts for a whole month? I am disappointed! I want to return it for refund."

NeuEve is a product with major technology breakthroughs for improving women's health. One of the breakthroughs is timed and extended release for rapid and longer-lasting effects.

Silk is the shortest-lasting one. One suppository lasts for 4 days. You can use it twice a week. So, 8 suppositories last for 1 month.

The next phase is Silver. One suppository lasts for 5 days. One pack comes with 6 suppositories, which last for 1 month.

The last phase is Gold. One suppository lasts up to 8 days. One pack comes with 4 suppositories, which last for 1 month. You can use 1 per week for easy remembering.

To date, NeuEve has helped over 100,000 postmenopausal women in the US and Canada to find relief from the most severe vaginal atrophy (painful sex) or from BV (odor) that all other products or drugs have failed. You have got the best value for your money.

For products that can reverse vaginal atrophy without using hormones, our competitor is Mona Lisa Touch, which costs over $2500 for one procedure and is much less effective.

Gynecologists and urologists in several national level medical centers are recommending NeuEve to their patients who suffer from severe vaginal atrophy or aging related recurrent UTIs after estrogen, antibiotics, and/or MonaLisa Touch had failed to provide relief.

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After 1-4 months on the Silk, you can move to the Silver phase to get more benefits.

How Many Months Do I Stay at a Silk?

Being on Silk for 8 months, I want to move to the next phase. What are the benefits of moving to Silver?

After 1-4 months on the Silver phase, you may want to change phases again to the Gold level. At this level, you will have a more rapid recovery and easier maintenance. You can use one suppository a week and forget about it for the rest of the week. You may notice your age seems to become younger and you may experience things only a younger woman may experience, like a strong libido and multiple orgasms.

Normally, for such an age-reversing experience, no amount of money can buy it. This means that it is invaluable, but NeuEve offers it for a very small amount of money.

Unlike the female hormone estrogen, which has a cancer risk.  NeuEve is all-natural and hormone-free. It is 100% safe.

Thus, NeuEve has the best value for women's health that money can buy.

Since you have purchased NeuEve Silk, you can afford the product. You just did not think that it was worthy of your money.

Anyway, we encourage that you try it. If you do not try it, how will you know if you get your money's worth?

Here is a tip to use NeuEve in the summer:

How to keep the product from melting in the summer or during travel?

Oct 3, 2022

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