What differences between Silk/Silver/Gold?

The major differences are in their ingredient concentrations and timed-release formulations, which determine their strength and effective duration. A table is listed below to illustrate these differences:

Suppository Silk Silver Gold
Effect Mild Moderate Strong
Suitable for Recovery Recovery & Maintenance Maintenance
Each lasts 3-4 days 5-6 days 7-8 days
Supplies per Month 8 6 4

The NeuEve Silk formula is milder, suitable for highly sensitive women, but it only lasts 3-4 days. The Silver formula is moderate and the effect can last for 5-6 days. It is designed for clearing odor and eases dryness quickly and can be used for both recovery and maintenance. The NeuEve Gold formula is more concentrated in certain ingredients and with extended-release. It is designed for long-term relieving of dryness and atrophy and suitable for easy maintenance (use 1 per week) because it can last 7-8 days.

If you have had vaginal dryness and painful sex for some time and are not sure which formula is right for you based upon the flowchart above, it would be a good idea to start first with the Silk, then the Silver, and finally the Gold. Because the Silver formula can be used for both recovery and maintenance, it is sold in most stores that carry NeuEve products. If you use the Silver formula first and feel burning, you may be the sensitive type. You can order the Silk formula online on this website if it is not available in the store near you.

Jan 18, 2021

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