Which Formula is Right for Me for Dryness and Painful Sex Relief?

Please use our charts to select the right formula for you!

There are two plans: recovery and maintenance. For women with severe dryness and atrophy, it may be too painful to have intimacy and they may be highly sensitive due to cracks and spotting. These women can begin with the recovery plan first by using the mild Silk formula (8/pk) for one month (use 1 in every 4 days). Then, they can switch to the regular Silver formula (use 1 in every 5 days) for faster recovery. Depending on the individual, one or more packs of Silver formulas may be needed for achieving recovery (regaining the ability to have intimacy without pain). At this point, women can switch to the Gold formula for long-term maintenance.

For women who have mild vaginal dryness and painful sex but who can still have sex, they can start directly with the maintenance plan using the Silver formula. It is a good idea to use a few suppositories (1 in 5 days) first to condition the dried vaginal tissue before having intimacy. After using 6 Silver suppositories in a month, the dryness and dyspareunia will reduce and these women can switch to the Gold formula and use one in 7-8 days for long-term maintenance of the vaginal wellness.

For women having just odor (e.g., BV) without atrophy, they can use the Silver formula suppository. Just use one suppository, and the odor will usually be gone. Continuous using two more suppositories will provide more assurance that the odor will not return. The remaining suppositories can be saved for future use in case the odor comes back at a later time. However, if the NeuEve suppositories are used regularly to maintain vaginal wellness, the odor will be gone for good. Below is a flowchart to illustrate how to select these three formulas.
Flowchart tiny

Dec 6, 2020

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