How to keep the product from melting in the summer or during travel?

Melting during shipment

NeuEve is designed to melt at the body temperature. Thus, it will become soft or melt when the temperature becomes hot. Common places that may overheat are inside a car or mailbox under the sun. The temperature may reach over 150 degrees. At this high temperature, ingredients of the suppository will melt.

To prevent the product from changing shape during shipping in the summer, we add starch into the formula to help hold its shape when product melts. Once you receive the product in the summer, you may assume that the package might have been exposed to heat during shipping. We suggest that you keep NeuEve in a refrigerator. Once inside a refrigerator, the melt product will reset and become hard and ready to use. It will take 3-4 hours in a refrigerator before it becomes fully solid. If you cannot wait, you can put it in a freezer. It can speed up the resetting process. But it is better to refrigerate, not to freeze it, if you can wait for a few hours.

In most cases, it will remain its original shape after reset. If the temperature is too hot like over 150 degrees in a mailbox, it may change shape after reset. The product is made by heating to over 180 degrees to mix all the ingredients- before pouring into the shell. Thus, it is "heat resistant." Heating may change its shape, but you can still use it without loss of quality after reset.

If your house is constantly air-conditioned it should be OK to put the NeuEve in the room temperature for a while after taking it out from a refrigerator. Otherwise, keeping it in a refrigerator in the entire summertime is better. If your area is hot like Arizona, Texas, or Florida, keeping it in a refrigerator in all seasons may be a good idea.

It is important to take it out just before use. If you take the suppository out 30 minutes before use, it may become soft again when you use it. Putting it in a freezer may give you a few more minutes before it becomes soft.

Purchase bulk before the summer season

We offer bulk purchase discount. Some customers in the South purchase 4 packs of NeuEve before the Summer. They keep these products in a refrigerator for summer use, so they can skip the summer shipping problem. When summer is over, they can purchase NeuEve again.

Carry NeuEve while travelling in the summer

While travelling on the road without a refrigerator, we suggest that you keep the suppositories in a small plastic container or jar during travel. The container/jar can protect it from crushing and be waterproof. Once you arrive at a hotel, you can put the container in a freezer, and the suppository will be soon ready to use. If the hotel does not have a refrigerator, you can put the container in crushed ice. All hotels serve crushed ice. The suppositories will reset once in cold for less than 1 hour.

About the cream, you can do the same, but each time, keep the lid tightened and put the jar in a ziploc bag to avoid leaking during travel.

Jul 21, 2022

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