My doctor put me on Diflucan for yeast. After I started NeuEve, yeast is cleared. Should I stop the weekly Diflucan for maintenance?

Before beginning NeuEve I had chronic yeast infections which seemingly stemmed from internal dryness. Although thinking about it I'm not sure that all the issues were actually yeast related. My obgyn tested and found no yeast but I had thick white discharge and itching. I was treaters for bv and yeast multiple times all resulting in the same symptoms shortly after completed treatments. So he put me on Diflucan 100 MG once weekly for maintenance. I have continued that but since Neueve I have had no issues at all. I'm cannot express how grateful I am. My question is, do you think I should continue the 1x per week dose of Diflucan?

Using antibiotics or antifungals alone to clear bacterial or yeast infection often does not work well. After the unwanted bacteria or yeast are cleared, they can come back as soon as you stop using these drugs. The reason is that the local micro-environment is not changed. It still favors the unwanted bacteria or yeast to grow.

Using NeuEve changes your local environment to be unfavorable to unwanted yeast or bacteria. To understand it, you may find this article helpful:

How does NeuEve kill bad bacteria without using antibiotics?

Changing micro-environment works well against unwanted bacteria, like BV, which grow on the surface as a biofilm (not a true infection).

But for a yeast infection, it is harder to clear with NeuEve alone because the yeast infection gets deep into the tissue (a true infection). A combination treatment with antifungal plus NeuEve works well, like your case. The antifungal clears yeast and NeuEve stops it from coming back.

Since you have used Silk for a few months now, you may move to the next phase to NeuEve Silver to get a stronger boost for your resistance against infection. Then, you can stop using the antifungal Diflucan.

The advantage of moving up from Silk to Silver is described in this article:

Being on Silk for 8 months, I want to move to the next phase. What are the benefits of moving to Silver?

Nov 1, 2022

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