Do I need to move to the next phase to Silver (or Gold)?

This is a good question. Let me explain.

If you are a coffee drinker, after a while, you may feel that the taste of coffee is no longer strong enough for you. You can try the 3x more concentrated Espresso. Some people like Espresso, but some do not. The availability of Espresso provides an option for those who like a strong taste of coffee. However, one must take this process sequentially. If Espresso is provided first to people who never had coffee, few may tolerate its bitter taste. The bitter memory may make people shy away from coffee.

Likewise, Silk is the mild form of NeuEve. It is suggested as a starter formula. After a while on the Silk, some may wish to try a stronger form of the product. Silver is 3x more concentrated than Silk. It delivers 3x more nutrients to the tissue and it lasts longer. The trade-off is that for a woman with severe vaginal atrophy, she may not tolerate Silver if used upfront. After a few months on Silk, she may tolerate it better. If she wishes to try a stronger formula, Silver will be the next phase.

After a while on the Silver, some women may wish to try a stronger product. Gold is 3x more concentrated than Silver. It delivers 3x more nutrients to the tissue and it lasts longer. The trade-off is a stronger irritation than Silver for a woman with severe vaginal atrophy. It is suitable for younger women, but not for older women. If you are younger (<65) and are willing to try a stronger formula, Gold will be the next phase and may work out for you. For those young at heart (>65), Silver may be the final phase. Gold might be a little too strong.

Say you are ready to move up to Gold but are afraid of wasting product if you cannot tolerate it, here is a tip.

You can purchase 1 pack of NeuEve Gold to try. If after using one suppository and you do not feel irritation, you are ready for NeuEve Gold and you can continue using it.

But, if you feel irritation after using Gold, you can cut it into two halves (refrigeration first helps to cut). One half is equivalent to a NeuEve Silver. The remaining 3 Gold suppositories are equivalent to 6 Silvers. You can continue to use up the remaining Gold suppositories by cutting them into two halves and use 1/2 every 3 days. If your tolerance increases and you are ready to use a whole Gold by the end of this pack, you can order Gold for your next month's health maintenance. Otherwise, you can move back to the Silver phase.

To help you understand the difference among the 3 phases of NeuEve formulas, let me share a customer's feedback from a loving husband:

"This product saved our sex life! My wife and I are in our 70s, so this was important to us to remain intimate. We started with the introductory product, found that gold was too strong, and silver is perfect. My wife uses it once a week. This is a dream true for us. Thank You."

Oct 3, 2022

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