Why did you remove the 30-day money-back guarantee?

Painful sex is often associated with vaginal atrophy, which is an aging outcome.

Thus, reversal of vaginal atrophy is like to reverse aging. It is an uphill battle because people get older every day. It requires patience and persistence. There is no quick fix.

The recovery takes time. It often takes more than 30 days. Some severe cases may take more than 90 days or 180 days to find ultimate relief.

A small number of customers (~1%) were not patient enough and wanted to get refund in less than 30 days of using NeuEve by taking advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee.

Had they persisted a little longer, they might have found complete relief. Due to their eagerness to get refund, these customers have lost the chance of a lifetime to ever find relief.

Thus, the 30-money back guarantee is counterproductive for our products because it has prevented some customers to find relief.

To relieve from vaginal atrophy, the keys to success are patience and commitment to a long-term use of NeuEve.

If you have used NeuEve for more than 30 days but you have not noticed significant improvement, your vaginal atrophy may be severe.

This article provide some good tips to help you speed up the recovery:

I have painful sex. Can I use NeuEve to find relief quickly?

NeuEve is the best product for relieving painful sex. To date, over 100,000 women with severe vaginal atrophy have used it and found relief.


Apr 13, 2023

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