Will NeuEve impact IC (interstitial cystitis) in any way?

Yes. NeuEve may affect IC in a positive way.

We worked with a support group for women with stubborn IC. After using NeuEve Silk suppositories and balm cream for 2-3 months, IC attacks in this group substantially reduced.

To understand how improving vaginal atrophy can eliminate bladder discomforts, you may find these articles helpful:

How does NeuEve clear menopause-related recurrent UTIs and bladder prolapse without using estrogen and antibiotics?


Some IC cases occur in the mid age and may be associated with the bladder atrophy and prolapse. After using NeuEve, the customer will reverse vaginal atrophy and regain a stronger vaginal wall, which provides support to the bladder, restoring a previously prolapsed bladder to the upright position. As a result, bladder prolapse-associated discomforts are eliminated.

Additionally, after vaginal atrophy is reversed by nutrients delivered by NeuEve, the bladder atrophy is also reversed. The bladder surface cell shedding resumes. Bacteria attached to the bladder surface will be flushed out due to the surface cell shedding. Thus, the bladder surface periodically renews, eliminating previously attached bacteria. As a result, IC attacks are reduced.

If you have IC or recurrent UTIs, you may start using NeuEve Silk suppositories plus balm cream. You may move up the phase to Silver in 2-3 months.

Note: Reversing vaginal and bladder atrophy takes time. There is no quick fix. It may take at least 2-3 months to see any positive effect. Please be patient and be persistent in using NeuEve.

To achieve a head start, you may use double-dose on the first month. This article provides some good tips that may help you speed up the recovery.

You can also take recommended supplements to help NeuEve work better.

Dietary supplements for preventing recurrent UTIs

By the way, have you tried the super vitamin B complex?

Many women with overactive bladder may be caused by the deficiency in vitamin B1. After taking vitamin B1, their problem is gone for good. I do not suggest that you have B1 deficiency, but B1 is so cheap and harmless, why not give it a try?

Thiamine TTFD: Bladder Emptying Disorders of Retention and Incontinence, Stones, Interstitial Cystitis

If you have overactive bladder, taking pumpkin seed oil pills as a combination with NeuEve Silk and balm cream may help ease the discomfort.


Jun 28, 2024

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