I have HPV. Can I use NeuEve to clear HPV?

The purposes of NeuEve products are for relieving common vaginal discomforts like dryness, atrophy, painful sex, and odor (BV). However, if you ask whether using NeuEve can clear HPV, we cannot give you a conclusive answer because we do not have data. But, it may have such a potential, because it promotes vaginal health and the normal vaginal lactobacillus dominant microbiome, which can clear HPV naturally (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33251154/).

Below are two possible mechanisms that NeuEve may clear HPV or suppress its activity:

  1. Women with BV have a 3-fold higher risk of contracting HPV-associated cervical cancer (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30550767/). NeuEve suppository clears BV and helps create an environment for HPV clearance. Unlike herpes, which cannot be cleared after the initial infection. HPV may be pushed out by BV clearance. BV raises vaginal pH and causes HPV infection to stay, but healthy Lactobacillus reduces vaginal pH, and the acidity kills HPV. If a woman is postmenopausal, her infected HPV cannot be pushed out naturally without external help due to reduced estrogen. NeuEve products may help her clear BV and thus push out HPV.
  2. NeuEve suppository delivers micro nutrients to boost the host immunity that blocks HPV insertion into cell DNA to cause mutation (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34194585/). Thus, regular use of NeuEve may help prevent cervical cancer in HPV-infected women even if the HPV cannot be fully pushed out.

The rank of anti-HPV strengths of NeuEve products are (from mild to strong), Cream < Silk < Silver < Gold < BV Clear < BV Clear Finisher. Only NeuEve Silver, Gold, BV Clear, and BV Clear Finisher have a significant HPV clearing capacity. Silk has less and Cream has almost none. If you are currently on Silk and you want to clear HPV, you will need to move up a phase every 2-4 months to acquire this benefit. If you are younger than 50 and premenopausal, you may start with NeuEve Silver and move up the phases to every 2-3 months until you reach BV Clear Finisher or to a phase that you can tolerate. For women over 50, NeuEve Gold is the highest phase. It may be good enough to clear BV and HPV.

How do you know your HPV is cleared? You can do an HPV test before and after using NeuEve.


If you are HPV positive now, you may be HPV positive in the future if you are postmenopausal unless you do something. After menopause, vaginal estrogen reduces, so are vaginal lactobacilli. The normally resident bacteria that can clear HPV is lost. Unless you apply an effective intervention to clear HPV, it will likely stay and not be cleared automatically.

After using NeuEve Gold, you can take HPV test again in 1 year. If your HPV is gone, you will get a negative result. You will know that NeuEve has helped you to clear your HPV. To achieve a successful HPV clearance, we suggest that you do at least 12 months of NeuEve Silver or Gold before testing for HPV again.

If you use NeuEve BV Clear and BV Clear Finisher to clear your BV, these products have a 3x more potent effect than NeuEve Gold to clear HPV and to block HPV entering the cell DNA to cause cervical cancer. The mechanism is the same as detailed above.

However, you may not use these strong products upfront if you have vaginal atrophy. They may cause burning in women with vaginal atrophy. If you have dryness and painful sex, you may have atrophy. You can move up the phase from Silver to Gold to BV Clear to BV Clear Finisher, one step at a time and each phase for 2-4 months.

Even though NeuEve has a potential to clear HPV if used routinely, we do not make a claim that NeuEve can clear HPV because NeuEve is not a "drug." Technically, it is a natural product or nutritional supplement. It is up to the consumer to decide whether she wants to use it for her health maintenance, including clearing HPV.

Oct 3, 2022

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