I have used antibiotics and boric acid but BV keeps coming back. How can your product be better?

NeuEve is better because all other products may clear BV but cannot stop it from coming back. NeuEve is the only product that can clear BV and stop it from coming back.

To date, over 100,000 women have found long-term relief from the most stubborn vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) and/or BV (bacterial vaginosis) that all other products have failed.

To understand how NeuEve works, we need to tell you some background knowledge about BV.

What causes BV?

BV is an imbalance of vaginal microbiome. During BV, the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus decrease, while the unwanted anaerobic bacteria increase.

The exact cause is unknown. However, factors that cause imbalance of the vaginal microbiome may result in BV.

Normally, the friendly bacteria lactobacillus colonizes the vagina. It keeps your vagina acidic so bad bacteria do not overgrow. If your lactobacillus reduces, more bad bacteria grow up, and you get BV. Therefore, any conditions that cause reduction of vaginal Lactobacillus may cause BV. The risk factors include antibiotic use, vaginal douching, a new partner, or multiple partners. In some cases, BV may occur without any apparent causes.

How is BV treated?

Doctors may prescribe antibiotics (metronidazole, clindamycin, or tinidazole) to treat BV. This could be a tablet you take or a cream or gel you put into the vagina. It may take 5 to 7 days to finish the medicine.

Since BV can spread through sex, don’t have sexual contact until you complete the treatment.

A major problem in BV treatment is recurrence. If that happens, the doctor may let you take antibiotics again for a longer time or change to a different antibiotic.

Using antibiotics for the long term may cause side effects. These include yeast infection and bacterial drug resistance. The reason is that the broad-spectrum antibiotics may kill all bacteria. This results in the mucosal surface unoccupied. Yeast may come and take over the space.

If a bacterial strain survives the antibiotic killing, it may become a drug-resistant superbug.

Curtain antibiotics, like metronidazole (or Flagyl), have a narrow spectrum. They only kill BV-related bacteria like Gardnerella, but not other bacteria. In this case, you may find relief shortly after you use the antibiotics if your BV is solely caused by Gardnerella. But only some BV cases are caused by Gardnerella. Many BV cases are caused other bacteria that are not sensitive to metronidazole, such as Ureaplasma and Atopobium vaginae. Using metronidazole may selectively enrich those bacteria resistant to the antibiotic, making the BV case more difficult to clear.

Besides antibiotics, other products are available over the counter for BV management. These include:

  1. Antiseptics, such as boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, essential oils, etc.
  2. Acidifiers, such as vinegar, yogurt, acid gel, etc.
  3. Probiotics, such as Lactobacillus pills or suppositories.
  4. Prebiotics, such as oligosaccharide.
  5. Vaginal douches, such as Summer’s Eve. Its goal is to get rid of odor, but it flushes out good bacteria and disturbs the vaginal microbiome. Doctors do not recommend douching because it actually increases the risk of BV.

In general, antibiotics and antiseptics may kill bacteria indiscriminately. The friendly Lactobacillus bacteria are also killed. After treatment, the Lactobacillus-dependent woman's natural defense is not established. As a result, BV can often come back.

What is the odds of recurrence after my BV clears?
A significant feature of BV is recurrence.

Scientific literature says that BV may recur in about 80% of cases within 3 months. These include relapse or reinfection. Thus, your BV may recur at the same high rates after the initial clearance. This does not mean the initial treatment is not successful. It might have been a reinfection. When recurrence occurs, your BV becomes recurrent BV.

There had been no methods to stop BV recurrence before the creation of NeuEve. With NeuEve, you can reduce the recurrence rate to zero by practicing maintenance.

It is not recommended using antibiotics and/or antiseptics when you do not have an infection. Long-term use of antibiotics or antiseptics can severely disturb the balance of the vaginal microbiome. A common side effect is yeast infection.

However, NeuEve is not an antibiotic or antiseptic. NeuEve delivers nutrients. Therefore, NeuEve products can be used for long-term maintenance to stop BV from coming back.

This article provides details: How to stop BV from coming back?

How does NeuEve clear unwanted bad bacteria without antibiotics or antiseptics?

Unlike other products that kill unwanted bacteria by direct killing or poisoning, NeuEve clears unwanted bacteria by at least three natural strategies.

These include:

1) Change the environment

This article explains: How does NeuEve clear bad bacteria without using antibiotics?

2) Selective starvation

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3) Feed the predators

In the animal kingom, there are predation food chains. For example, grass hoppers feed mice; mice feed cats. Likewise, predation food chains also exist in the microbiology world.

In microbiology, the predators do not "eat" the preys. Instead, they secret factors that inhibit the latter. As a result, the preys die and the predators becomes a dominant species in the environment. In the vagina, the predators are Lactobacillus species. Specific nutrients only Lactobacillus can use are called prebiotics. Feeding the predators can effectively reduce the number of preys. NeuEve uses resistant starches as the prebiotics to selectively feed Lactobacillus.

This article explains: https://help.neueve.com/kb/ingredients/potato-starch-is-one-of-the-ingredients-but-isnt-that-bound-to-cause-a-yeast-infection

In summary, NeuEve can selectively kill unwanted BV bacteria naturally, but not to harm good bacteria. Conversely, it promotes the growth of good bacteria. After treatment, good bacteria become dominant, which further stops BV from coming back!

How to choose the right product to clear BV?

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