Does taking NeuEve products increase UTIs?

"I have been reading your website and see tips about taking additional vitamins/sea buckhorn oil to prevent UTI’s. My question is "does taking your products increase UTI’s."

Thank you for the inquiry. We understand your concern.

On the contrary, NeuEve is the only self-care product that can stop, ease, and permanently eliminate chronic recurrent UTI-like symptoms associated with aging-related vaginal atrophy.

When antibiotics and hormones fail to clear chronic or recurrent UTIs in older women or in breast cancer survivors who cannot use hormones, urologists would recommend them to try NeuEve. As soon as these women start using NeuEve, their stubborn recurrent UTI symptoms would be gone for good and never happen again!

To understand how this works, you may find this article helpful:

Disclaimer: NeuEve is a self-care product for promoting women's health and well being. It is not a drug. We do not make any claims that it can be used to treat and/or prevent any diseases.

Nov 5, 2021

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