Is sea buckhorn oil safe to be taken with other pharma drugs and supplements?

Sea buckthorn oil is a safe product for consumption at the recommended dosage.

It is a natural product that has a strong capability to help prevent heart attack and stroke. It works by its natural blood thinning effect. If you have had a heart attack and/or stroke and are on prescription blood thinner drugs, you need to talk to your doctor to decide an adjustment on your blood thinner drug dosage. The reason is that you may not want to have an overdose of the blood thinner to cause bleeding since sea buckthorn oil also can works as a natural blood thinner.

Additionally, sea buckthorn oil may also help control high blood pressure. It lowers your blood pressure if it is above normal. However, if you have hypertension and are on antihypertensive drugs, you may need to talk to your doctor to adjust the dosage of your blood pressure drugs. If the dosage of sea buckthorn oil can keep your blood pressure in the normal range, you may not need to take blood pressure drug any more or you can reduce its dosage to avoid the drug side effects.

If you are not on blood thinner or a blood pressure-lowing drug, you do not need to worry about it. It not only is safe, but also can help you prevent or control heart attack, stroke, and hypertension naturally and safely without side effect.

All blood thinners or antihypertensive drugs are chemical drugs with side effects. If you take these drugs for a long term, their side effects may accumulate and may cause health problem. But sea buckthorn oil is natural and have less or no side effects for long term use. If your health problem for using these chemical drugs are not severe, you may discuss with your doctor to replace these chemical drugs with sea buckthorn oil for safer health maintenance.

How about if I have naturally a low blood pressure? Can taking sea buckthorn oil further reduce my already low blood pressure?

The answer is no evidence. There is only evidence showing that sea buckthorn oil can reduce a high blood pressure to the normal range. There is no evidence showing the it can reduce blood pressure that is below normal. Blood pressure is controlled by the body's central nerve system (the brain). If it is off range, your body will try to adjust it to normal. Sea buckthorn oil promotes your overall health so that your adjustment function is enhanced. Thus, it may better adjust your blood pressure to normal if it is too low.

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Feb 20, 2022

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