What Supplements do you Recommend?

Customers have reported that taking a regular calcium supplement (~1 g/day), vitamin D3 (1,000 IU/day), vitamin K2 (100 µg/day), fish oil (eating fish or flaxseed oil if allergic to fish) and sea buckthorn oil can help improve the overall dryness. Additionally, eating nuts and fish daily helps.

To promote the skin regeneration, taking collagen peptides also helps.

How to choose the right Calcium and Vitamin D3 and K2 Supplements

If you have frequent UTIs, you can take Corsaria to support the urinary health: https://www.neueve.com/products/corsaria

If you need to promote general health after menopause, you can take Legacy: https://www.neueve.com/products/legacy

To boost libido, you can take Kresendo: https://www.neueve.com/products/kresendo

To support resistance against yeast infections, you can take Reset & Rejoice: https://www.neueve.com/products/reset-and-rejoice

Note: Using nutritional supplements is a gradual process and not a quick fix. It takes time to observe the effects of dietary supplements. Some customers may feel frustrated if they do not see immediate results. However, with patience and consistent use, the benefits of these supplements will become apparent over time.

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Jun 2, 2024

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