I inserted a suppository last night. This morning it dropped into the toilet and was hard. It looks like it did not melt.

After menopause the body temperature may fluctuate. When it increases, you get hot flashes. When it decreases, you may not notice it.

NeuEve suppositories should melt at normal body temperature. Maybe your body temperature decreased below 98.6 degrees lately. Please measure your temperature in the evening before go to bed and first thing in the morning before getting up for 3 days. Please write down your temperatures and send to us.

If your body temperature fells below the normal range, you may ask your doctor to check for your thyroid function. If thyroid function is suboptimal, taking some thyroid hormone like Synthroid, your temperature will return to normal.

If your temperature is normal, there is still a chance that a chunk of the suppository may leak out the next day.

The remnant suppository chunk that you saw in the toilet is normal. Do not worry about it. You have got all the benefits from it. After you use the product for a few weeks, you will feel increase in moisture and reduction of painful intimacy.

Let me explain.

The product is oil-based. So, all the ingredient are either dissolved, like fat-soluble vitamin E, or suspended in the carrier oil. The carrier oil (like coconut oil) cannot be all absorbed by the tissue. It must be expelled either visibly or inconspicuously.

To avoid melt oil to leak out to wet your sheet or your cloth, it is formulated in a way it will not become too much fluid after it melts. If your body temperature is normal, the product is fully melt inside. The nutrients are released in less than 15 minutes.

In the second morning when you first use the bathroom, the fully melt oil droplet is expelled into the toilet water, which is much colder. Then, the previously melt oil droplet becomes solid in response to the cold water.

Some customers took it out and felt that it was hard. They got a wrong impression that the suppository was never melt. But in fact, it was fully melt alright. It just become hardened again after it dropped into the toilet water, which is much cooler.

You can test the melting temperature of the suppository inside your hands. You can peel a suppository and place it between your fingers. In less than 5 minutes, the product will become soft and begin to melt inside your hand like a white chocolate. This soft piece is not wasted. You can put it in a small plate and put in a refrigerator. The soft piece will become hard again and can be used without loss of its quality.

To help better melt the suppository, you can cut the suppository into two halves, using one half every other day. Place it deeper inside and use at bedtime with an empty bladder. It should melt.

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Aug 10, 2022

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