The next day a chunk leaked out. Is this normal?

In the second morning, I noticed that a chunk of suppository leaked out. Should I be worried about it?

Thank you for reaching out. We understand your concern about the product not melting as expected.

Your body temperature can vary, especially during certain life stages like menopause.

The suppository is designed to melt at the normal body temperature of 98.6F. Over 100,000 women have used the NeuEve suppository with a high success rate.

If you have a consistently low body temperature, it may be beneficial to monitor it over a few days and consult with your doctor, as low thyroid hormone levels could be a factor.

In some cases, prolonged dryness may affect the dissolution of water-soluble ingredients in the suppository. This situation often improves with continued use of the product.

The undissolved portion you noticed is primarily starch used as a filler during shipping to maintain the suppository's shape. It will dissolve within a short time, releasing all the necessary nutrients.

If your body temperature is consistently low, addressing this with your doctor before using the suppository again is advisable. However, if your body temperature is normal, you can try cutting the suppository in half lengthwise and using it every other day. Inserting it deeper may also aid in better dissolution.

For reduced dosage, you can refer to our guide on how to cut a suppository here.

One customer shared a method that worked for her with a lower body temperature. She gently warmed a bottle of water (microwaving for 40-60 seconds) and then placed it between her legs for 20 minutes after inserting the suppository. The gentle heat from the water bottle helped melt the suppository effectively.

Before using the warmed water bottle, ensure it is not too hot by testing it with your hands. It should be slightly warmer than body temperature for safety.

I hope these suggestions help you find relief soon.

Apr 11, 2024

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