Why Did/Didn't My Body Absorb All of It?

With the applicator, I have a new concern: nothing comes back out! Is it normal that the entire contents of the suppository, even the wax, could be absorbed by my vaginal wall?

Using NeuEve for vaginal atrophy is akin to applying cream on the face to combat wrinkles. Although you might apply more cream in hopes of quickly smoothing out wrinkles, there's a limit to how much the skin can absorb.

This is because the skin acts as a barrier, preventing substances from entering the body. Similarly, after inserting a NeuEve suppository, only a small portion is absorbed due to the mucosal barrier function.

Most of the unabsorbed materials will eventually be expelled, albeit slowly and discreetly.

Nonetheless, the longer the contact time, the greater the absorption of materials. In this context, using an applicator seems beneficial.

Given that the mucosal barrier may hinder efficient absorption, each NeuEve suppository contains an excess of nutrients. Hence, even if only a small portion is absorbed, it should be adequate to alleviate symptoms of vaginal atrophy and dryness.

Mar 26, 2024

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