Already Used NeuEve but Still Very Dry?

I have had many years of vaginal atrophy. I have tried the NeuEve silver for 4 months. It worked a little but I still feel dry like a sand paper. Is there anything else that can help NeuEve work better?

The answer is “Yes.” The vaginal mucosa is moistened by mucus secreted from mucous glands in a young woman. After menopause, many of these glands stop function and become dormant. With appropriate stimulation provided by NeuEve, some mucous glands can be revived to secrete mucus. It is like cutting onions to stimulate tears. However, if tear glands are all dried, even if you cut onions, no tears would come out. To help NeuEve work better, you can take Mucinex with expectorant but without cough suppressant.

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Expectorants increase mucus secretion that helps to loosen mucus so that you can cough it up. But it often has an effect beyond the airway. Therefore, it helps revive vaginal mucous glands when you apply NeuEve. Take 1 Mucinex pill a day orally for 1 month. When self-lubrication is achieved, you can stop taking Mucinex, but you will still need to apply NeuEve for maintenance.

Jan 19, 2021

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